Magic Sander © - Une sableuse à courroie révolutionnaire !

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Magic Sander©, revolutionary sander belt !

Revolutionary ! Magic Sander©

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Magic Sander© has been upgraded for you !

  • You can use the Magic Belt Sander© as a right-handed or left-handed.
  • We needed speed to work on steel and other hard material so we
    invented adaptors to fit on an angle grinders

img_4331.jpg - 767.36 Kb

 Up to more than 10,000 rpm with angle grinder!

Because of it's great speed you will be able to fit the Magic Belt Sander© to your metal or wood lathe to polish shaft or wooden parts. When you will use smaler grits  you will reach high polish parts as per your requirements.

It will be easy to use the Magic Belt Sander© for bigger parts of if you have to move to other working area.(Gauché ou droitier)

When sanding with a sanding drum you could use your press drill with a drum the size you need to drive the belts, you will save on costly drum sleeves. You will be able to adjust the speed of the press drill to suit your needs.011.jpg - 892.54 Kb

If you have an idea or application maybe I can help !


Inventor and co-developer of Magic Belt Sander©




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Magic Sander© versatyle !

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 The most versatyle belt sander on the market...

  img_4301.jpg - 700.70 Kb

 Julien Jomphe and François Durivage
invented and developped the most versatyle belt sander there is.


  • You can drive it with almost any tools from
  • a handrill,
  • a press drill,
  • a angle grinder,
  • a benchgrinder,
  • a pneumatic tools,
  • wood lathe
  • metal lathe etc.  

You can also choose the belt lenght from 18" to 42" x 1" wide.

img_4403.jpg - 830.33 Kb


On of the major advantage is that you can use any drives from any four corners,
and on top of that you always have the right tension on the belts because of the air pressure cylinder.

Very fast belts change to any lenght from 18'' to 42'' without any tools !

Magic Belt Sander© is easy adjusted for all belts!

Order yours now here !

Special :

THE Magic Belt Sander© WILL BE ON SALES AT

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